Happy Sunday! Stay Out of the Malls

stuck in traffic poor dog

Happy Sunday! Stay away from the malls, or else you’ll sit in your car for an hour just trying to get within a mile of the place.

Stay home and do old-time Sunday things.

Read the funnies.

Put a roast in the oven, which is really an old-time thing. (Write in if you’re under 40 and you don’t recognize words such as ‘roast’ or ‘oven’. We have a little pamphlet we can send you.”

Watch old movies while filling out the old holiday card. Yesterday I caught portions of TitanicThe Dream Team and The Bone Collector, all on my best friend HBO, while writing warm personal notes on 200 holiday cards.

Take a walk.

Light a candle when the sun starts to lower, which it does around here at like twenty past twelve in the afternoon.

Dig out those footed pj’s.


Go to bed early.

You’re not in charge of as much as you think you are; God can probably handle the sunrise tomorrow.


Sunday Funnies

Sunday again! I say let’s mark this Day of Rest by making fun of famous people.

First, check out the mullet on the husband of the year here. Mellie we hardly knew ye!

Now, here’s the President of Russia with an obscure sidekick as the two get ready to stand in for TweedleDum and TweedleDee in a remake of that famous final croquet game at Alice’s place over there in Wonderland.

And finally a big “hello” to Jerry Brown now putting his signature crotchety spin on his race for the California Governor’s mansion. He was once good-enough looking to date Linda Ronstadt as I recall but now he looks a lot like Peter Boyle God rest his soul…

And speaking of Peter here HE his is along with Michael Keaton and Christopher Lloyd in the trailer for that that awesome 1989 film “The Dream Team.” Give yourself a little gift: watch all two minutes of it and ask yourself if you wouldn’t have loved to him as governor of just about any state you care to name.