Still No Luck

DSC_0092I so much want a refrigerator by now – any refrigerator! Well, any refrigerator but the one that’s been stewing in its own juices since it died here on September 8th, just before our last heat wave. That refrigerator immediately began giving off an odor like a combination of rotten eggs, dirty socks and the way a thing smells when somebody sneezes on it.

I bought the new fridge over the phone 8 days ago. last Friday, not three but SIX delivery guys found that it wouldn’t fit in the room. They suggested we hire contractors to make the adjustment necessary to getting it in here.( Those stories above.)

They came back again once we’d made those adjustments and they STILL couldn’t install it, for the simple reason that the floor under the old fridge had rotted completely away . Evidently a leak some time in the Clinton Administration just chewed away the solid old support beams that shore up the kitchen .

“It’s a wonder this thing didn’t fall clear through the floor and land in your basement!” said one delivery guy.

“It did seem to be kind of rocking when you opened it  I noticed lately ” said a family member.

“I’m afraid to step here!” trilled a second delivery guy.

Then Brave Dave came home and ‘stepped there’ with our carpenter-pal Dick Iannetti. They worked together most of yesterday cutting out the old beams. Dick will come back today and finish putting in the new.

Pretty funny to think what might have happened: ‘Got Milk?’.” Sure,  let me just reach in here. Whoa!!!”  FoompAnd only settling dust left to tell the tale. 

This is the wood under the old one: As they used to say in Ancient Rome,  “Res ipse ‘loquitur! The thing speaks for itself. This was taken in the kitchen. Those are the  bricks of the chimney it backs up to. And that golden light center front? That’s coming up from the cellar.