This is Me Since Thursday

I’ve been kind of AWOL and I’ll tell you why.

This is me since Thursday.

I know I should move about some.

It’s cold.

It’s late November.

A mouse has eaten the edge off the hem of my skirts.

Plus I have all this mending.

But I ate so much Thursday, what with the Nantucket Bay scallops

and the buttery corn,

the creamed onions

and that big old turkey roasted to perfection and dry-brined for three days beforehand.

Never mind all the pies, the homemade Anadama rolls, the sugar-butter, the fresh cranberry sauce that sets up all by itself, so much pectin is in the skins of those wee rubilous orbs…

Oh and the savory herbed cubes of bread the bird was stuffed with.

I’m stuffed myself still.

Stuffed even now.

Maybe I’ll just sit out here in the sun a little longer, til that big old wind blows in later today.

Maybe by then I can roll up in my feather bed live off my fat and sleep until spring.