Tiger You Cad, We Forgive You

My man flew south today to go to the Masters and see naughty little Tiger in the flesh. Isn’t it just so typical what we’ve done with him though? First he gets put on this big pedestal and treated like a god; then he gets exposed as being – well gosh, flawed after all! a mere messed-up mortal like the rest of us! Now we see him on TV Monday doing his mea culpas and everything will change again.

Glorify. Bring down. Forgive again: We do it all the time. We did it with Nancy Kerrigan when she skated her way into our hearts at the 1994 Olympics (and of course it didn’t hurt that the hubby of her adversary-on-the-ice Tonya Harding arranged to have her whacked in the legs at that practice session.) But remember when she was flown to that Heaven For Athletes Disney World and on a float with the giant-headed Mickey was seen mouthing the words, “This is so corny”? People were awful about it. You’d have thought she was a baby-killer, a traitor to the country and the Whore of Babylon rolled into one.

We got some perspective about that finally but still. They say in the PR world that any kind of press is good press. I bet Nancy and Tiger don’t feel that way. Anyway Nancy is what she always was: a kind and gracious person. Tonya seems to be what Tonya has always been too: an inventor of excuses to prove that nothing’s her fault.As for Tiger, maybe fame caused him to lose his bearings and go all crazy for sexual encounters and maybe he would have behaved that way anyway. He sure wouldn’t be the first guy. Anyway that’s his personal life. I say let the kid play golf and keep your speculations to yourself. But hey Dave, see if you can get a picture! (Or else I’ll photo-shop him into this one ha ha)