Back at the Workbench

monday back at work pic023Is Monday easy for anyone?

This is my household this morning. We have such a hard time getting going they send in three adult matrons and an oversized teen girl to keep us on task and get us pumped for the day.

They start by getting us up at 5 and making us do squats and jumping jacks in the driveway. Then we’re given a bowl of porridge apiece and read to for an hour: inspirational stories mostly, by famous old advice-givers like Ben Franklin and Horace Greeley.

Today when we seemed a tad less than energetic, they then turned to long passages from the Book of Exodus and basically said You don’t like building pyramids all day? We’ll show you! Now you’re going to have to build the bricks for building the pyramids. 

In this picture you see us shackled to the workbench, building the palms trees before we get to work on the bricks and the pyramids. I’m the one farthest to the left, trying to curry favor with by smiling at the off-camera matron who is taking the picture.  (I’ve always been the Stockholm Syndrome type.) My man Dave is the one on the right way down toward the end of the table with his head in his hands.

His clothes are mismatched I see, but it appears that most of our clothes are mismatched.

Sigh. I guess you just do the best you can on a Monday morning. With whole new mountains to push uphill again this week we’re just kinda thinkin’ Whence comes our deliverance? Let’s hope the people in Washington can end this government shutdown today and get to work on the debt ceiling yikes.