What Did YOUR Mom Do All Day?

I spent all weekend fixing things, or trying to, so today I’m dressing up as my mother and meeting my friends for coffee in the living room… My friends are all  imaginary so I won’t have to clean up much.

See how pleasant we all look? I’m the one with the dark hair.

style model 60s

  • We may play a hand or two of cards after this.
  • Or discuss silver polishing techniques.
  • Or the best way to keep your girdle from riding up.
  • Or if we feel really daring , maybe we’ll talk about that new Magic Fingers gizmo you find these days at the Howard Johnson Inn…

The kids are playing stickball outside, we think. Johnny sassed his little brother earlier but we’ll have to wait for Father to come home to deal with that since after all Father Knows Best. Or, er, Ward Cleaver maybe, the Beav’s dad…ha ha.  A little irony for you guys today! In truth my hair has never looked as tame as the hair of the lady on the left.

Here’s how I really look today, a fresh two inches of rain having fallen on my little head  last night.

Photo on 6-10-13 at 11.35 AM

Truth in advertising ha ha! And while I’m telling the truth I should admit I borrowed the photo on top from a Chock Full O’Nuts ad in a magazine.