Dazed ‘n Amazed

How can we do anything but stand around looking up with weather like this? This is the second summer in a row that we’ve had day after warm sunny day in the provinces north of Boston. It feels so …unchanging; it feels like we bought the warranty.

I know it might be inside my head merely. My blogger pal Brian wrote  with great appreciation about the full moon which I guess I must have missed somehow. I keep looking up at skies that seem completely unchanged night after night, the stars looking as if they were painted onto the inside of that inverted teacup the ancient Jews pictured sits up there sheltering us.

I mean I know Earth is doing its little pirouette around the sun and the summer is waning. The crickets announced it when they tuned up last week. Most years it’s August before they show up but I heard my first one last Wednesday the 27th of July so there you are.

They’re just earlier, like the way spring comes sooner these days; like the way little girls are developing earlier.  I know what does it: it’s hormones in the chicken am I wrong? Someone’s feeding estrogen to the crickets deny it if you can.. and here’s one other true thing unchanging throughout recorded history: a really good bra is any girl’s best friend, whatever her age or shape.