Climb In It’s Freezing

Gonna be COLD again today, so cold your tongue is gonna  freeze clear through when it touches your fillings.

Lucky for me I got a jacket for Christmas that is brown and toasty and looks a lot like fur. In the old days if a lady had a fur she told the world; she wore the whole carcass right around her neck. Remember the little dead heads dangling down from ladies’ throats in the old days? those ladies were PROUD ! Our mum could never pull off the snob thing herself. When she finally did inherit an old fur it was a mink-dyed muskrat which she made the mistake of saying once in front of us kids. From then on that’s all anybody called it.

I also have a black jacket that might or might not be fur and – wait, is that a can of paint you’re holding behind your back? – but since I mostly wear  brown these days, to go with my dye-job, Old Dave gave me this new one.

Anyway here are the two jackets on my kitchen stairs the other night warming two younger members of my gene pool who had the nerve to call me “Carmela,”  as in Soprano, on account of this new gift. (I cut their heads off for revenge.  But tell ya what, when people are cold and they spot a piece of outerwear as toasty and lightweight as EITHER a mink-dyed muskrat OR a Gee-Beav-What-a-Nice-Shade-of-Brown, they don’t even put down their beers before climbing on in themselves!)