Plants Rule

I keep so many plants in my house because they’re growing whereas I’m definitely kind of wilting ha ha. Plus I feel so for them. I sometimes wish I could toss a few of the homely ones but how can I when they’re so earnestly doing what God asked of them? Plus as decorating elements they’re a total bargain.

We have a hydrangea bush outside that makes fat white snowballs every summer. They’re like these big dreamy scoops of vanilla from the Dairy Queen.

Then, every fall, all that fluffy white goes a soft dusty rose color and by about now their stems are so brittle you don’t even need a scissors to pick them. You can snap them right off, toss ‘em in a trash bag, then find a sunny corner to sit in while you strip off all their leaves (which would just wilt and wither.)

Not the awesome blossoms though! They’ll last you a solid year, carrying on from one October almost all the way to the next. You can arrange them in a bowl or vase mixing them together with a few berry–studded stems and a few snippets of leaves from the plant called the burning bush say and you’ll have this lovely symphony of warm merlots and burgundies which you can lighten up with some of the soft grays of lamb’s ear say. Then come the holidays you discard all but your hydrangeas and offset them with evergreens and maybe some clean white carnations.

I used to make wreaths my hydrangea blossoms and sell them to unsuspecting strangers for $40 each.

nice huh?

The possibilities are endless. AND Our hydrangea bushes are huge, they must have 1,000 blossoms right now.

So come on by and I’ll give you an armful – but you’d better hurry. First hard frost and they’re crisper and browner than a dead oak leaf. But right now ? when I took this picture not 24 hours ago? Well as the Romans used to say res ipse loquitur, or, the thing speaks for itself. (Like most of Nature’s handiwork , eh?)