What is Going ON?

OK is it spring yet?

It’s not snowing and the buds on the magnolia tree are starting to get that hopeful look, so What’s going on?

Where are the days of snow like steel needles being shot sideways into your face?

The days when rhododendron all over the county are holding their leafy arms straight down and close to the body, like Irish Step Dancers, the way the only do when it’s really freezing out?

What happened to winter?

Old Dave and I were able to shingle and paint our whole house. starting two-thirds of the way through October and not finishing until December 12th. The painter said he had never before been able to pick up a brush for exterior work in November. never mind in December.

Is this global warning finally showing its true face?

The weather report says temps today will be only in the 20s but by week’s end they’re supposed to be edging up again. And as far as I can tell there’s no snow in sight until next Thursday at the earliest.

So I just have one question:

WHY, with the buds on the magnolia trying to get started all over again and the rhododendron holding their arms out like little kids spinning around to make themselves dizzy, why oh WHY can’t I wake up in the morning? I who always shot out of the bed at 6 if not 5:30 or even 5:00 to begin working, before coffee even? Am I actually growing calmer and less driven as I get older, or is it …


that it’s still