You’re Doing That Wrong

you're doing that wrong.jpgIn  my post of a few days ago, I did all this bragging about how competent women are; about how we women GET THE JOB DONE.

This  Harry Bliss cartoon shows the flip side of that in that it illustrates our need to control and/or comment upon just about every aspect of life around the house.

Maybe that’s a human thing more than s a gender thing though, because in truth we all have our domains.

My husband’s domain is Pantry Management. Every three or four months he takes every single item off the pantry shelves and lines them all up on the kitchen counter according to category. That way, when I note an absence of, say, cornstarch, and go to the store and buy some, he can do what he always does: With neither fanfare or remark, he walks over to those many shelves  and take out all three, or four, or five of the boxes of cornstarch that I somehow didn’t see.

Come to think of it, I guess I should count myself lucky that he never, in our many years together, has said I was doing the shopping wrong. (It’s true he never buys the food or helps me bring  it in from the car – “I have no shoes on!” – but he does put it all away God bless him, and that’s a job I hate even more than. emptying the dishwasher!



2 thoughts on “You’re Doing That Wrong

  1. Does Dave hire out for pantry arranging? Cute tale, Terry. I decided today that I will go through all the seasonings and spices I have kept for God only knows how long as well as a rolling cart in the bathroom that holds various products and will give away any that are still good and toss any past their expiration date. The holder for spices, once empty or mostly empty, could be a good, dry, dark place in which to keep my prescription meds. Then all I have to do is remember where I put them.

  2. Do not buy a replacement for a missing item, even though you have searched “everywhere.” Of course I replaced my kitchen scissors after about two weeks looking all over the house. I even looked three times in the kitchen drawer where they belong. I looked between the cushions on the couch, also in the clothes hamper where years ago Jay found my old transistor radio. Never omit checking the fridge. Anyways (as they say in Southie) I finally bought a new pair. Guess what! I found my missing scissors out in the garage the same day I bought the new ones. What were they doing in the garage? Seems I had to cut the plastic band around the leaf bags. Is there something to be learned from this story? Yup. You can never have too many scissors. It’s like earrings and $$$$.

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