The Nicest Kind of Houseguests

Ray ready to take on the lake

For me the nicest kind of houseguests are the ones who:

  • Sleep until noon haha.

  • Know where everything is in your kitchen.

  • Don’t just ask if they can help with the bacon and eggs and coffee but get up and start scrambling and frying.

  • Don’t ask where the vacuum is because they know  – and they know what it’s for too.

  • Are enough younger than you that they understand your electronics better than you do.

  • Are just plain fun. (Who knew you could drink a Heineken while IN the water in a lifejacket that eliminates any need to even try to stay afloat?)

  • Really know what an oar is for (See below. Maybe this  6’8″ guest will be one of the ‘Boys in the Boat’ at the 2020 Olympics :-))


  • And finally, and most importantly, are happy to hang out at the supper table, laughing and talking about everything from what it’s like to be an identical twin, to the nature of time to the worst job you ever had.

  • We had six guests at the lake here Friday to Sunday and ended up feeling almost as young as they are – good times!





5 thoughts on “The Nicest Kind of Houseguests

  1. Sounds like my kind of weekend, and my kind of guests! When the “gang” comes for New Year’s Day and at other times, they all know where everything is and can help themselves. I don’t dare change the kitchen around!

  2. Well, what is it like being a twin? And — what was that about the nature of time? The inquiring mind wants to know. My nieces know where everything is, and their work is choreographed. I just need to stay out of the way.

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