My Grudge Against House of Cards

oval office house of cardsHouse of Cards is all well and good with the sleek lines of Claire’s wardrobe and the sharp jut of her cheekbones – and  who doesn’t love to hate old Frank Underwood with his gold cufflinks reading “FU”?

But I have a beef:

I hate the way the set designers did up the Oval Office in those vague neutral tones , so grey and unimaginative. 

That’s my beef about cars too: Why does everybody want a grey car?

My car is midnight blue and before that it was bright red.

And why is it all that upscale togs at Eileen Fisher grey or black or cream? What happened to Cobalt Blue, I want to know. What happened to Plum

I tell you what I miss. I miss the Oval Office Jeb Bartlet had in the West Wing. Feast your eyes on THIS!

oval office the west wing

What  a backdrop this set was for all the high-minded talk that cast engaged in. (Thank you Aaron Sorkin!) 

And thanks to those set designers too, not only for all these warm tones, but for reminding me that there’s no decorating element nicer than the potted palm.

used to have palms all over my house and then what happened? Did I go all Claire Underwood/Eileen Fisher on myself? I have no clue but I tell you what: I’m going out today and buy a few floucy old palm myself and some nice lacy ferns too, because really why be alive at all if you’re not going to swag it up a little?





10 thoughts on “My Grudge Against House of Cards

  1. If I watched, it would be my grudge too. I like black for certain occasions, but not all the time…the older I get the more color I want.

  2. I hadn’t thought about that, but now that you’ve pointed it out, I’m totally with you! Come to think of it, my daughter and a lot of her cohort are going for neutrals and grays in their decorating color schemes. What does this say?

  3. Luv it!! Coral/Aqua/Brilliant yellow. Covered three of my walls with these to remind me of my friends in Cuba. Thanks for the reminder of the need to stay BRIGHT!!

  4. My grandmother’s house in Brookline was decorated with potted palms, especially in the diningroom. Many long years ago,, when I was a preschooler, my mother took me to see her cousin who was visiting my grandmother. The cousin had a little son, Bobby,about 3 years old – and he was beautiful. His hair — just full of auburn curls. We played in the diningroom, and I hid behind a huge palm, which graced a windowed niche. As Bobby ran by my hiding place, I jumped out and grabbed him, and kissed him My first romantic experience. He ran crying to his mother.

  5. It was one of those old fashioned houses, with a large front porch and many rooms inside. I remember the library, with leather chairs, and shelves of The Rover Boys series, Lad a Dog; A Cadet at West Point. My favorite was a children’s encyclopedia, pre WWI, the name of which I have forgotten. Then there was a sewing room where I slept on a narrow cot after visiting Nantasket Beach — and sporting a spectacular sunburn. A bit mysterious was a third floor bedroom where my grandmother’s brother could often be found attached via earphones to a wireless radio. This house was a block away from the JFK birthplace, close to the Devotion School which he attended a generation after my mother and uncles were schooled there. I remember strolling down Harvard St. in Coolidge Corner where we could get an ice cream cone for 5 cents and a newspaper for 2 cents.

  6. Oh I love these memories! My mother, born in 1907 also grew up in a house with such old things, and yes we did still have in my childhood years, that Book of Knowledge! Also all the Wizard of Oz books, leatherbound with their garish color drawings. When she and her four kids were kids there was also a book called Chatterbox fro Children. I still have them; all that came to me when first my mother died, in ’87, and my aunt in ’94 and the house went to strangers as houses mostly do. Those first decades of the last century just fascinate me . what rollicking read are the diaries and letters My family wrote at the time.

    I do love your evocation of the old Coolidge Corner and you licking at an ice cream cone and perhaps carrying one of Boston’s NINE daily papers home to your folks !

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