Crap Day: I’m a Clown AND a Narcolept

I feel like all I really did was fall asleep and noodle around on Facebook looking for people who wronged me 30 years ago.

ciown dog (1)What a crap day it’s been weather-wise. I have to admit it’s gotten to me; it’s had the effect of scrapping all my plans.

Here I was all set to go to Yoga for starters. I was up and dressed before 7:00 even.

Well, not fully dressed. 

I had on my clown-pant pajama bottoms and my favorite too-big tee. On a day with many tasks ahead,  I like to first fire up the old neurons by hitting the treadmill upstairs, and I’m totally fine with pulling on socks and sneakers even while still IN the clown pants because who knows what I’ll end up REALLY wearing for the day? Plus, you know, who’s going to see me? Thirty minutes and done, I thought.

But first, I reasoned, I’d better eat a bite, and it was while my egg was boiling that I looked out the kitchen window at this cold grey rain. It was also then that I saw our magnolia with its buds littering the ground, murdered in their little bed back a few weeks ago when we had that freeze. In this time of vernal yearning, the tree is as bald as Walter White’s head.

And somehow that fact alone brought me down enough that I never did climb the stairs to do those miles.

To say nothing of going to yoga. Or doing my real work. Or filing away those old photos I dug out last week. I was going to foodshop, and hit the cleaners. I was going to get stamps as well, and swing by the Apple store for yet another one of their quickly fraying chargers.

But exactly none of that happened. David is away tonight so I was also going to call a pal and catch a movie but that’s not going to happen either. 

I feel like all I really did today was fall asleep repeatedly and noodle around on Facebook looking for people who wronged me 30 years ago. 

And now here it is after 5, and me still in my clown suit. How I’ll spend my remaining six hours of consciousness I have no idea.

Maybe the thing to do is pull on those sneaks and see if can find my way to that treadmill. Yeah, I’ll try that. And maybe also send up a prayer that this rainy cold ‘down’ day gets followed tomorrow by a sunny ,warm ‘up’ one. 

fingers crossed!