It’s all Happening at the Zoo

flamingo shadesSome cruises I’ve gone on were crazy fun from morning until night, like the one I went on 20 years ago with my sister Nan where she joked that we had to be careful about getting too much blood in our alcohol stream haha. 

This cruise that I’m on with my old man Dave hasn’t been like that, mostly  because on this cruise all I’ve been doing is getting a kick out of things generally and watching the people around us.

It’s been more fun  than a trip to the zoo, it really has, which is not to suggest I think I’m any better than everyone else, far from it. And I know that anyone looking at the two of us would say, “Why didn’t those two just stay home? They’re not doing the Macarena, they didn’t come to the bellyflop contest, they’re not wearing whimsical sunglasses with flamingoes sprouting from the frames, what is their deal?”

Our deal is that mostly we’ve been reading, reading, reading.

It’s been heaven. I see myself walking in the reflection of the gym at the ship’s tippety-top and think Who IS that lucky girl? but it’s me! It’s been like a dream is what it’s been like. More on what else I’ve seen later.  🙂

walking the deck



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