The More You Learn the More There IS to Learn 

  Frantically copying down what I just learned at my Apple Store session. (Glad I always carry my legal pad even if the top page is my daily list : 

  • “One, Diary  for a bit; 
  • Two, Create the blog; 
  • Three,  write  ’til your  back hurts..”

Fella said you’d be surprised to know how many people can only do one thing on their computer. He said a woman 20 only knew how to use Word. Can that be true. On the other hand remember the old Word Perfect days when even Merge Mail was a walk in the park?  Our technology is too smart for us now. 

Have to say though, I bless the satellites that see me bumping along various highways and byways and correct my every error. (You could weave a theology around that  phenomenon alone. :-))

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4 thoughts on “The More You Learn the More There IS to Learn 

  1. Satellites! If Professor Gerard O’Neill never lost his best friend in a plane collision, we would still be lost and using paper fold-out maps. Bless Gerry Too!

  2. More to learn, I nominate actress Hedy Lamarr, on the $20.00 dollar bill. She beat “Meg Ryan” in acting out ???? “I’ll have what she is having”. Because of that scene in the 1930’s 10’s of thousands needlessly died in WW 11. The US Navy Admiral’s immediately dismissed her and would not listen to this beautiful lady describe a drawing of her Baby piano strings. You know how she felt being a very attractive women yourself and sometime not being taken seriously. Terry, Hedy is always with you. Listen closely the next time you use your cell phone. Technically her piano keys are playing Hedy’s NSA’s Number One Hit. She copyrighted the (theory) better known as “radio frequency hopping”. No one, including NSA nor any mathematician have written an encryption theory that is better. The only other song that almost equaled Hedy’s encryption was a song recorded in 1963 by the Kingsmen “Louie Louie”. A number one hit for many generations. Everyone knows someone in high school who thought they knew the words. It was the only song ever investigated by Hoover’s FBI that finally concluded they could not determine the lyrics of the song and closed the case.

    If only the Admiral’s studied her drawings as much as Hedy’s legs, the war would have been shorter.

    Just rambling about a women that won’t be nominated. If women only knew how bright, imaginative, who never wanted monetary gain, and no matter how rudely dismissed her ideas were flushed away only because a women with no technical education would dare think. I think many women today if they knew about Hedy would say “I’ll have what she’s having” daring to think out loud.

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