The More You Learn the More There IS to Learn 

  Frantically copying down what I just learned at my Apple Store session. (Glad I always carry my legal pad even if the top page is my daily list : 

  • “One, Diary  for a bit; 
  • Two, Create the blog; 
  • Three,  write  ’til your  back hurts..”

Fella said you’d be surprised to know how many people can only do one thing on their computer. He said a woman 20 only knew how to use Word. Can that be true. On the other hand remember the old Word Perfect days when even Merge Mail was a walk in the park?  Our technology is too smart for us now. 

Have to say though, I bless the satellites that see me bumping along various highways and byways and correct my every error. (You could weave a theology around that  phenomenon alone. :-))

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