Milestone Post

This is my 1600th post and well… I just did the math: At the rate I have slowed down to, it will take me ten whole years to get to 2,000. Would it be worth it to reach for that goal? I still can’t tell. All my life I have suffered from an odd affliction in that once I even start thinking about achieving some crazy goal or doing some wildly ambitious project, I almost literally can’t NOT begin upon it. Yet milestones like this one do get a body thinking.

This coming October I will have completed 35 years of weekly column-writing. Shouldn’t I stop , and have pity on those poor readers who might appreciate a fresher voice? I started in 1980 for God’s sake when we didn’t even have faxing!

Back then I looked like this. (I’m the already-haggard looking brunette making the sad-cow face on the right, not my sister-in-law, the blonde beauty facing the camera.)

carr wellesely grad'n051

The blog of course is more recent. The blog I started in the fall of 2007 but by mid-2008 I had decided I had to write every day. Every day! What tripe appeared under my name! I wrote from the heart a lot but in many posts I was also just appealing to popular culture, which anyone can do God knows, God knows. Search on my site for the word ‘underpants’ and you’ll see.)

Now after all this time I look like this, dye-job and all. ( I know I know. I’ve discovered minimizer foundationwear since this picture from last September.)


 Sigh. At least I’m smiling this time.

Smilin’ on the outside anyway.

And it’s not that I’m cryin’ on the inside but I’ll confess that I have lost the old merry trait  that made me think absolutely everything was funny, a trait that got me in a world of trouble with my teachers all along the way.

So it’s my 1600th post and my 1800th column that I’ve been working on this morning. I love to write still but I love a lot of other things now too, so how it will all play out I don’t yet know. A woman from a church group just wrote me to see if I still do public talks. I  haven’t written her back yet but I do think I’m done with public talks. 

Anyway, stay tuned if you care to.  Now let’s all go out and sniff some of that downy spring air !

17 thoughts on “Milestone Post

  1. OH, DON’T STOP !!! Every now and then a couple of friends and I will share through email a blog line of yours that strikes a chord. We never have to attribute them … we just know it’s yet another funny (or touching, cute, sage, silly) Terry line.

  2. I’m happy to say, I’m tuned in and enjoying every word. But — that spring air of yours is loaded with pollen. My fellow walkers must wonder why tears are rolling down my face. I’m laughing on the inside, crying on the outside.

  3. Congratulations! As I begin a new chapter in my life, I am thankful that you wrote, “once I even start thinking about achieving some crazy goal or doing some wildly ambitious project, I almost literally can’t NOT begin upon it.” I thought I was the only one! My humble advice is, write when it strikes you, and don’t write when it doesn’t. Do those other things that interest you. Who cares if the number of posts hits a certain mark? You have, and do, make people smile and you have given the world lots to think about already. Enjoy your days!

  4. I’ll confess to what’s making me laugh right now – popping the stress-reducing bubble wrap that came in a package. Hope my neighbors don’t think I’m shooting a gun in here!
    Screw foundation wear! Even bras are too constricting. You happen to know of any that don’t push in so tightly that it feels like you have an ulcer or a hernia? Thing is I am holding so much fluid – I mean, Terry, do you remember the days of 32A? I’d like that back again but not via a breast cancer route. 42D – I could probably compete with Dolly Parton right now only she’s much prettier. And without a bra, I can dust off my shoe tops – no, scrap there – my Poppin Fresh Doughboy feet are rising like fresh dough right out of my sandals. And my legs are like tree trunks. Sheeeeesh!!

  5. Congratulations! How many people can say they did 1600 or 1800 anythings? Do what makes you feel good inside and out as often as you want. We enjoy you just the way you are whenever we can.

  6. Take a little breather – breathe that fresh air and come back refreshed …. reboot your brain, Terry. At the end of 2014 I reached the 500 post mark, having started the blog in February 2013 and thought I was doing well in that regard. I don’t write as much during the cold months when I’m not walking and stray to other subjects.

  7. Wow!! I am super impressed! And you are almost always an interesting writer…..even if you think what you’re writing is not top notch that day!! And I still think you are funny and have a very endearing way of looking at things! I don’t know if I’d tell you to do another 1,600, cause that has to cut into your time a lot, and you would rather be doing than writing, but however many you write, you will always be a joy!!

  8. You are a WINNER! Praying right now that GOD will place people around you who will lift up your arms; as they did Moses; as your JOY returns to the depth of your being. You are a bright light in a dreary world. Thank you for your gift of vuylnerability. Probabably most of us can relate. A church leader said to us yesterday, “It is our weaknesses that bond us together, not our beliefs.”

  9. Everyone commenting here spoke beautifully and with love to you, Terry. Yes, your no holes barred vulnerability and wonderful turn of phrase in communicating it lets me unleash healthy peals of laughter, which is my favorite pastime. Whatever yours is, Ter, leave plenty of time for it!

  10. TES! my beautiful terry. time for a pause, maybe. i welcome all your selves, merry and otherwise, into my life, grateful, grateful….for all the “puffy rice”, and the “softened edges” and “rounded corners” you point out as you continue to make things just a little better for the other guy….TES!!

  11. Lake Winnipesaukee will dry up before your pen runs out of thoughts worth writing.
    Sorry for delayed comment my (Outlook E-mail) needed some fixing.
    Mike (One of your early readers)

  12. Terry, “What I used to be able to do all day, now takes me all day to do.” I finally know what they really mean. June the 21st, longest day light day, I want to live every day as June 21st.

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