Some Grumble, Some Stay Sweet

People are losing it for sure. Today the traffic in and around Boston was so bad folks were calling in to WBZ Radio to yell about how in an entire hour they had gone only 75 yards.

Here’s a picture looking out at my back yard in early 2015. I look at it and marvel at the fact that I took it in the dead of winter, a couple of weeks into this lively new year.


It’s hard to believe we had such a green January – and a green December too, as you can see by my little seasonally dressed friend sitting at the window in our kitchen to peek out.


This is the view out that window today:


We WOULD have scraped the snow off this little roof that comes up only to the tops of our heads, but even my tallest house guests kept sinking past crotch-height in this super-deep snow, which is acting a lot more like quicksand.

So no wonder people are getting grouchy.

I’m getting grouchy myself and even yelled “Christ!” in anger in this very kitchen on Monday before of an audience of sweet and deluded young people who I think previously thought I was Mother Theresa.

But the really sweet person? The female letter carrier who left a note I saw about digging  out one’s mailbox.

And how do you know she’s so nice? You just have to give the notice a more-than-cursory glance: she drew  a little smiley face right near the bottom .


 God bless the even-tempered huh? Now please somebody come quick and help me with these swords!


the view from the window of my second story office.