static! It’s one thing or another these last days: it’s too moist or too dry. When it’s moist it’s moist because clouds are draped us like damp heavy sails pulled down onto the deck and every other hour snow falls. The snow soaks our clothes and puddles on our floors. We count on other members of our household to towel us off when we come back inside, looking like sleek and wet-headed pups, hair close against heads. But then the sun comes out and our furnaces are still working overtime because it’s so cold.  

I drew this pretty tassled cloth from the drier and saw it sort of ‘tentacle’ all around me. I pulled out the ironing board to try taming it that way and its fringes began reaching for the bureau. I picked it up again and leaped onto my sweater. Then I remembered that can of Static Guard I had bought back in the 90s which did the trick.

But it has had me pondering in the hours since that little cloth’s eerie antics:

What does Science all the the opposite of static? Dynamic, right?  So then what are we living through right now with all this weather and the snow piled high against our windows and fresh storms bustling in past the gate to muscle aside the storms that have come before them. Is this the static dead zone of deep true Winter? Or is there something dynamic that, beneath all the wailing gales and blinding snows, is breeding Spring, which is not SO many weeks down the road, no matter how things feel right now?

What was it that Hamlet said to his school pal after seeing his father’s ghost on the castle parapets? “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” How true is that?!


5 thoughts on “Static?

  1. Kathy thinks her hair looks like the ‘tentacles’ in the bottom picture. Then an hour later she says it looks as flat as an ironing board. In my own case I am glad to see any type of hair (usually curly).

    1. tell Kathy I know what she means 🙂
      Love that curly hair! – except my own of course. Do you know that not one of my grandchildren has curls ? And when I think of how I looked as a little thing: grown-ups used to stop me on the street and say “where did you get all those curls?!” I thought that was such a dumb question. I used to say “God gave them to me.” I guess He gave them to you too Mike but then … Did he take them away again?

  2. Mine is a different story. Straighter than straight, very fine — and when I brush it, it flies out east and west, settling down finally to resemble a haystack with an optimist inside hunting for a needle.

  3. Is that static the same thing that gives my fingers a shock when I get out of the car and try to close the door? It hurts and I’m sick of it!

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