‘The Dead Are Not Under the Earth’

sweet honey 09The brother of  one of our ABC scholars is about to be laid to rest.

His sudden death occurred on January 2nd but the funeral was scheduled for the 17th, which is today.

Six people from Winchester ABC have travelled from Boston to Philadelphia for the 10am Homegoing Ceremony.

Sadly, I will not be  one of them due to some ill fortune in my own family, meager enough by comparison. 

But though I can’t be there, the words to this song, by Sweet Honey in the Rock, have been playing in my ear for two weeks, every time I have thought of the Sawyer family.

Now by some miracle I find it here on YouTube accompanied by a very moving video.

Blessings on whoever made this blend, marrying these Eye-of-God kind visuals to Sweet Honey’s beautiful and reassuring words. God’s blessings on the whole grieving family as they gather to celebrate, and give thanks for, the life of 24-year of Gerald Michael Sawyer Jr. now gathered to his own ancestors.

listen more often to things than to beings
listen more often to things than to beings

tis the ancestors breath when the fire’s voice is heard
tis the ancestors breath in the voice of the water

those who have died have never, never left
the Dead are not under the earth

they are in the rustling trees, they are in the groaning woods
they are in the crying grass, they are in the moaning rocks 

And now, the song in its entirety: 







Sweet Honey in the Rock Ancestors’ Voices

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