Victorian Prudery eh?

candee rubber Comment from the ever-clever Ann Aikens of UpperValleyGirl fame who wrote in response to my last post:

 “Marital aids and opiates – perfect for the holidays!”

 I didn’t get the marital aids part until I read back over the darn thing. Figure it might have something to do with those bendable dolls? ( Unless there’s a bedroom use for air guns that I don’t know about.)

 Anyway love this old photo, an ad as I’m supposing for what Wikipedia tells me was once a highly respected manufacturing company out of New Haven. I only knew to look for this picture because I bought a greeting card with the very same image on it and inside the card, the text  “Who Would Have Thought?” – because of course we do now have Edible Undies and such which I’m guessing are made out of Fruit Roll-Ups. 

 Funny thing is I just threw this card out last week; could never figure out who to send it to,

Now that I’m ascending toward sainthood it didn’t seem like the sort of joke I should be mailing around haha – which doesn’t mean I don’t get a huge kick every time I look at the DamnYouAutoCorrect site, my favorite entry being the one where some poor homebody is texting his friend about the evening meal: “Chicken vaginas sound good for dinner?” 

Talk about thanks, I’ll pass! 


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