Blog Interrupted


So this is me today, trying to look properly angelic for the season. And please note the patched together quality of my appearance. Sometimes even gorilla glue won’t hold a person together come December.

I’m actually here today to explain why this blog has been interrupted. It’s the steady advent of DECEMBER 25 which has yanked me out of my cozy thoughts of fall and the seasonal fun that is fall, the cannibalization of my pumpkins by their cousins the ants, the thoughts of those high school reunions all held over Thanksgiving weekend..  Oh and didn’t I myself once go to my reunion with my dress on backwards by mistake, a thing I didn’t realize I’d done so until six months had passed. (“Oh wait!” I thought trying it on again the following summer. “The plunging V doesn’t go in the front?  It isn’t the shoulder blades that those two pointy pockets in the back were designed to make room for?”)

I’m yanked away from these pleasant reveries by the need to start pushing uphill the rock that is Christmas, so that our family won’t once again be the only family on the street trying to string up holiday lights 24 hours before the big night, when Santa harnesses those tony rain-DEER and starts making his rounds.  (And please note that that’s how you say it:  “When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny rein-DEER. “)

Anyway here’s the second casualty in our house: the angel who normally occupies that proctological seat atop the Christmas tree. She had too much grog at the holiday party and fell and broke her ankle. As you can see I have run an IV and put her in the little hospital bed I keep especially around for small accident victims.  There’s a little blood from the fall and as you can tell she’s been crying, mostly because she knows very well that that tiny Angel We Have Heard on High beside her is totally mocking her plight with the violin playing.

Those angels: no sympathy.

Catch you in a day or two we hope – if my gorilla glue doesn’t seep so much it gums up my keyboard.

IV angel last rites

3 thoughts on “Blog Interrupted

  1. I can picture you setting up this mawkish Xmas scene – the drunken casualty in the special bed for small accident victims, her blood, her tears and the mocking violin. You can’t fool me; I know you enjoyed it, Ter! Yes, her usual seat is proctological! Perfect!

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