Safe to Port

happy annie david ocean course

This is a picture of our girl Annie with her little nephew David, on vacation on Kiawah Island a few years ago.

  And this is from a poem called “To a Newborn Baby Girl” that I found when  Annie was born:

Now from the coast of morning pale
Comes safe to port thy tiny sail.
Now have we seen by early son
The miracle of life begun.

She looked like this at the time of her birth, seen here with her mom:

baby anne two days old

She was so little when she was born! – and the pregnancy had its complications, so we worried.

Here she was a few days later, still in the first week of life, with her Grandma Ruth:

ruth w infant baby anne

But in time she grew. Here she is with her Dad at age five:

annie & her dad 1984

And here she is, on the left, with her first best friend sister Carrie.annie-carrie-84

This was Annie is at age 15 with our ABC host son Dodson who was halfway through RPI here.)

annie dodson 1994

Was it just two years later that she and John fell in love? I think so.

Time passed.

And passed.

annie & john & a map of the world

Until, last December, when they got married.

And, after ten years of being everyone’s favorite auntie (seen here with little Edward in 2006)…

Christmas 2005 061


Annie and John had a baby of thie own, just a couple of days ago, and named her for their paternal grandmothers.This explains my being away for a while, not that I did any work. (What do women say about a grandbaby? The best work they never did? 

Anyway here is little Ruth Alice now, to be called Ruthie Magee.

Seen here with her proud dad.IMG_4088

 And again with him and a madly ecstatic looking grandma. 

delighted parents of the mom


Well done you two! So can we come over later today? 😉 


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