Another thing You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

Don’t try altering your own clothes. It’s like trying to put on your own braces.

First you think you’re bigger than you are: I took some darts out of this skirt and sliced an inch off the waistband and when I put it on and zipped it up it fell right to the floor. Whoops! 


At the same time you might also somehow decide you’re smaller than you really are. I decided to ventilate a shirt I wear to Zumba but got the proportions a little wrong. A little too much skin over the old waistband I think. Ewww!


Moral of the story: Don’t try to do your own tailoring. Just don’t. 🙂 



3 thoughts on “Another thing You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

  1. If only the excellent Joseph Marotta, who tailored clothes for some of the finest resident of Beacon Hill, were around to see us today. What would he think of our duds?

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