Holiday Weekend

This past weekend when I realized i was really NOT at the center of things, my time was marked by all I did not do.

I didn’t help put up the new basketball hoop.

photo (1)

2014-07-05 17.30.38

I didn’t hold the toddler so she wouldn’t get hurt as they hoisted it.

2014-07-05 17.34.29

I didn’t even so much as hold a screwdriver

callie has the tools!


I didn’t go out and get the fireworks 

2014-07-05 17.31.39

AND I didn’t prepare any meals…

Really I just worked at my work and folded laundry.

Oh and I took these pictures. This is our oldest, Carrie, who had more sense than I did and more energy too. She was a key part of the basketball-net-hoisting duty AND  she, wise girl, got out on the deck.


It’s Ok I think. Summer is just starting, right? It is, right? Isn’t it? Someone tell me it’s not a sin to waste a Sunday such as we just had!


7 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend

  1. I was thinking the same thing as Len – you are still beautiful! Looks to me like you did some heavy labor doing the hoisting – yes? You can hardly be called lazy and more than once I’ve wished you would take it easy. I stayed in on Sat. due to being deaf all day, yesterday I took care of inside stuff but I still enjoyed the weekend to some extent. Does Carrie have three kids now?

    1. Carrie does have three kids yes she and Christine. And that’s Carr in the picture:; I didn’t do anything. I wasn’t kidding about that! Carr, same girl you see on the deck.

    2. Carrie and Chris do have three, yes Andrea, the third being a little delicate girl called Callie (of course we all have the same name Caroline Theresa going back to the 1870s in a straight line so the first was Carrie, then Cal, then Terry, then Carrie again and now little Callie delicate as a porcelain teacup.
      Thanks for that nice compliment about how I look but that’s actually Carrie doing the hoisting and she’s just in her 30s.. I look like Zelda Fitzgerald when she was in her most manic stages just before the crack-up these days. Oy! xxxoo

    1. well THAT is very sweet! We wish you were. Any interet in flying wast for the Marotta family weekend in August? all 4 brothers under one roof! and Annie and john have that nice dog! and their baby has started executing very large-scale dance moves inside A, which she is JUST beginning ti be able to feel !

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