Back to The Kale and the Tofu!

It’s back to the kale and the tofu for me, but boy did we eat great on that riverboat cruise!

Here’s the menu for the Captain’s Dinner on the second-to-last night of our trip – and, as was true every night, the wine was not only free but it kept on coming:

captain's dinner Viking 077

Since we got back  I’ve purged my kitchen of all cookies and crackers and the fridge of that lovely thick cream, a teaspoon of which I often blopped into my coffee mornings.

Still though, STILL I have that Homer Simpson tummy. Paying the piper even these three weeks later.

Here I am on the third floor of our house back home, looking out the window and envying the sparrows their svelte little bodes. (Gad, my bikini undies are even tight! May have to go to a thong til the weight comes off. 😉


homer in skivvies


3 thoughts on “Back to The Kale and the Tofu!

  1. I am also having a little trouble with the wieght I had gained too.. the cruise was great but it didn’t do us any favors!!
    miss you guys……working on my album.. will send you pictures..

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