Job? What Job?

Ah the sweet forgetting that comes over you when you shake off the reins step out of the traces a while.

All of us Americans were on ‘away’ holiday for three days now and I myself have been gone even longer. My man and I took a trip down the Danube on one of those Viking Cruise Lines you see advertised so heavily on public television. Who by now doesn’t associate that start of Downtown Abbey and its the shot of the retreating fanny of His Lordship’s hound with the image that just precedes it, showing a view like this one, of the ship we overate on for seven days and nights? 

the freya

The experience was delightful, to say the least: Free wine and beer served every day at lunch and dinner, which for me on my customary diet of seeds, kale and the  pale watery juice that surrounds your cube of cube, felt like the height of self-indulgence! 

But back on land now with a fresh ring of lard around my waist, it’s time to address all the things in my life that were so pressing I almost missed the plane trying to get them all done.  It’s twenty past seven on this post-holiday morning I’m ready to get back to work on all those projects – if only I could recall what they were. 

what do we want joke


There’ll be more to tell about that trip once I catch up but for now let me pause a minute and repeat: what a sweet forgetting it is to just float a while – and you don’t have to be an elder to know that it’s true. 🙂

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