Nice to be Back

Is there anything nicer than being back in your own bed and your own regular wardrobe, never mind all those travel clothes you take on vacation?

After a full day’s flying home from, we both slept like the dead Sunday night and opened our eyes yesterday to a cool,  cool sun and the popcorn of cherry blossoms strung along the branches of the little tree under our window. 

I felt good all day, in part because I had not only unpacked everything as soon as we got in Sunday but also washed and ironed it all, catching up on episodes of Veep, Silicon Valley and the frightening outrageously R-rated Game of Thrones, a show that makes me want to run into the bathroom and peek only a tiny bit through the crack in the door. (And yes we DO have a TV in our bedroom, so sue me . We brought it in when I was heavy with child in 1976 and only got through the early months of that first baby’s life thanks to All in The Family, Cheers and that groundbreaking serialized drama Alex Haley’s Roots.)

I worked like crazy on my work-work and didn’t get to the Y where I do need to go since soon I’ll be doing even MORE ironing as I dig our my fashionable summer wardrobe.

school gym suits

I’m going out to that YMCA even IF the sun is not supposed to come out at all tomorrow and the temperatures are going to feel more like March than the brink of May. I learned early in life, if you want fun in your life you’d best learn how to make it yourself.



 Plus I always have fun at the Y. Hot Hula? You bet. I do it every week (love that sarong!) See it here.