Ready for the Week?

DSC_0004I’m waking up earlier these mornings so I can lie in the bed longer.

I know it sounds funny but is there anything nicer than just being where you are for once and looking around a little?

This is what we did as babies as we lay in our cribs and what sound is sweeter than the sound of babies waking and quietly cooing to themselves? Video cameras installed in their rooms let parents watch all this nowadays but isn’t it better to let them have their privacy, at least for these little rituals?

I wouldn’t want anyone but God looking at me mornings when I then shift over on to my back, hang my head over the edge of the bed and look out the bedroom window at that sky every morning, doctor’s orders. (It’s good for any neck that has begun to arc forward, instead of arcing back as Nature intended.  I also assume Yoga’s Reclining Bound Angle Pose to open my hips.

My bedmate thinks I’m odd but I can tell you it feels amazing, not just the opening of the joints but the just plain lying there. Inside my head, aloft in this mental heaven, thoughts drift past, and, in their drifting, match the lazy flights of the birds riding the air currents high over all our roofs.

My thoughts are long thoughts because my mind has risen above the daily landscape. There are no lists, no tasks, no plans for the future, but only this wonderful perspective. I can see my babyhood from here. Sometimes in my mind I can even walk through our old first house with its dark oak wainscoting and the smell of my grandfather’s cigars enshrouding his reading chair. He was still going off to his law office at 80, and at day’s end would ride the El home and have Hershey Bars in the pockets of his overcoat for my sister Nan and me to ‘go fishing’ for when he took it off to hang it in the closet.

I see all this and I think about the arc of my life, bending toward whatever fate. 

Last night I dreamed of sweet forgiveness from one I had long ago wronged and remembered that dream only because I was lying on my back in this way.

Oh for how many years did I leap from my bed already fizzing with the day’s anxiety! For now, somehow, all that has lifted. Problems remain with more problems to come but maybe I will be able to greet them more peacefully now, with a quieter mind.

Thus i am grateful for these gifts that today are mine:  the absence of pain, a safe home, and food in my belly. Gratitude for work to do and people to love. 

I’m midway through the day’s work now with much more work ahead. The difference is I feel equal to the task – and I hope you do too. 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Ready for the Week?

  1. Very nice! I’ll try your trick of hanging my head over the edge of the bed too. I am taking yoga and yes it does great things to open those welded joints. I have to laugh when I go to do a move I used to do without thought but now can barely get into that pose. I mean laugh hysterically. OOps . Wendy my yoga lady trys to stay serious.

  2. This is beautiful, Terry. You are achieving the mindfulness so sought after. I too will be hanging my head over the edge of the bed and looking out the window, instead of leaping from bed fizzing with today’s anxiety! Can you describe Yoga’s Reclining Bound Angle Pose?

    1. I can!
      You lie on your back and bring your heels together whole drawing them up as close to your seat as you can , which causes your knees to fall open.. You can put a block under your back the upper, thoracic region. to help open your chest and then you cast your arms wide. I found a video of it that I was going to post as well but it was lengthy and it looked a little … I don’t know, it was this purring woman…

    2. Did I never reply to this? Goodness I meant to! For bound angle pose you lie on your back and draw your heels up toward your ditzy bones with your knees spread wide so you look like you’re doing the frog kick. It feels wonderful, give it a try!

  3. Yoga apparently doesn’t work for me. I was trying your hanging upside down on the bed thing when Z came in and found me. She immediately gasped and picked up the phone, I assumed to call 911. Instead, she called some guy named Al and said, “good news…I’m free this weekend, after all….”
    Maybe I’ll try Pilates….

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