Study these Pictures

Study these pictures, taken over the past ten days and see if you can see what they have in common. 


I know that one Mary Woolf is going to know right away. And possibly Downton Abby’s Mr. Carson would be quick to see as well.



I mean this kind of fun has to rise on SOMEBODY’S back, right?


Ach I have to give it away: Thanks, dear husband, for always always always doing the clean-up.  You’re a  man outstanding in your field all right! 

a man outstanding

9 thoughts on “Study these Pictures

  1. I know I do a better job loading the dishwasher than my spouse Kathy. Is this a guy thing? Or is this my minor obsession. I also notice no head chair at this very long table and it is time for open conversation. No Mr. Carson type.

    1. Maybe Cathy AND I are doing the job just that much less well IN HOPES that you guys will take over..
      Love the Mr. Carson observation. SO weird that they all have to stand up when he enters the room.

  2. All those kids should be helping with the clean up. Is that you, TT, with the pony tail and no face?
    Happy belated birthday! The 21st, right?

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