Mock Away

IMG_2736People mock you when you have a minivan. They mock me,  but hey: when somebody  wants to transport a coffin I’m the one they call – and I notice they’re not laughing then.

I’ve had six minivans over the years, all made by the company that shares a name with that gorgeous Art Deco spire in New York City.

I had a red one, then a maroon one, then a white one, then a green one and now a midnight blue one.  

These last years, of course, they’ve all had the famous Stow ‘n Go Seats, where you just pull a couple of straps and the chairs all sink down into the floor, making room for your sideboards, sinks and sarcophagi.

Also I love the design of the thing, with its cute high-hipped look, like certain breeds of puppies have, or colts. The running board is well off the ground, see, so you don’t have to shrink and stoop to get into it. Plus then you ride high, like a long-distance trucker.

You rule the road. And the speed at which you can accelerate is nothing short of amazing. 

Above is my baby today, just waiting to shake off this cocoon of snow and take me where I want to go tomorrow, when the sun is once again shining.


8 thoughts on “Mock Away

  1. Fair enough! I understand – one can fall in love with a thing. I owned (serially) 4 Camaros, and I loved them. It was the beautiful lines. One was yellow, another red, one metallic blue, and yet another, red. I would have bought #5, but alas, they stopped making them, and afterwards when they resumed making Camaros, I was outpriced. Now I have a Chevy Cobalt, but no one says: “How come a lady like you is driving a Camaro?” Or: “I want to buy your car…” Nope. The Cobalt is red and always stands out in parking lots when all the other cars are black or silver. I can always find it!

  2. I have a minivan too, people make fun of it, but when everyone want to go somewhere they all fit in my car. I know someone who refuses to be seen sitting in one. Isn’t that something !!

  3. I have a mini van myself, do you remember I gave you and Dave a quick ride in it after Bill and Stepanie’s wedding to get to your van? Well it is the same one and it is running as well as the day I got it! It is a bronze 1999 van, and I got it used with only 49,000 miles on it in 2005. It is still very much my baby and thus far actually No One has mocked me or my van! (Probably because my Sienna has proved more reliable, knock on wood, then their new fancier cars!)

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