You Know You’re Old Part Two

And here’s the second half of the story I started earlier, this one ‘given’ to me one day last week as I stood in a room chatting away with seven male teenagers and one grown woman.

“Ready to go?” I said to the seven teens who were departing on an expedition with me, and took a few strides toward the front hallway of the house we were in.

“Wait, what’s THAT?” one teen suddenly said, pointing down toward my boots,  where a cloud of purple silk was seen to be pooling around my ankles.

“It’s my slip!” I yelped, no less surprised to see it than I would be to see a small fire licking its way up my calves. But come to think of it, the elastic at the waistband did seem a little shot when I had put the thing on an hour before.

The one other woman present was, by this time, laughing so hard she couldn’t talk, and that was funny all by itself. But it paled in comparison to what one of the male teens then said: 

“What’s a slip?”

I might as well have been wearing a whalebone corset for the way they looked at me as I tried to explain.

Something has happened in the culture if full slips and half slips have disappeared so thoroughly from the radar of the under-30s ……

Which leads me to ask this question of anyone who might know the answer. Why on EARTH does every young woman under 40 now go bare-legged, even in the depths of winter?!


19 thoughts on “You Know You’re Old Part Two

  1. Well Terry, your guess is as good as mine. I guess it is for the same reason why many clods tend to wear their pants below their buts. I am sure there must be some reason for it, but what, I haven’t a clue!

  2. It’s because women don’t wear dresses anymore. You can’t wear a slip with jeans. I never see a dress-wearing person in church, which is one place where you might expect to see a dress. Not at funerals either.
    When I was in “junior high”I walked with about 6 girls, all going home together, a distance of about 2 miles. In winter we wore overshoes, and the top of those boots rubbed against our bare legs. Ouch! It was hard taking those overshoes off, but underneath we wore ankle socks and saddle strap shoes. We didn’t seem to mind the cold, but perhaps winters were not as cold as this winter.

    1. THAT is one lovely image Joan, young girls hurrying to school with their rubber boots over their saddle shoes.

      I remember my mom making us kids wear red rubber boots when the dew was on the grass those Berkshire mornings when we were three and five… I remember that rubbing sensation too – ouch!

  3. when we were younger we always wore a slip with a dress or skirt. that’s what my mom and gram taught us, esp since my gram wore a dress or skirt every day! but i have to admit that i do not wear a slip anymore, and even though i am over 40 i go bare legged with a dress on…. t, you will always be young…

    1. YOU will always be young! But wait til you get little blue veins all over your legs; they come to look like road maps of the rural south… Next I suppose is makeup for the REST of the body.. I hear people use it now on the plane of the chest. Sounds good to me!

      1. unfortunately i do have veins….but i choose to make use of the term, ignorance is bliss… im told they are remnants of carrying three babies. and having milky white legs. ;0)

  4. No stockings and all oiled up too. I find it not very pleasing. I like a nice stocking and I also liked the different colors of stockings. Its almost impossible to find a garter belt these days; even Lady Grace doesn’t have them. What is this world coming to? (Oh my word I sound like my Mother)

  5. I think at least a pair of leggings in the winter, those should be in fashion for the under 30 set. I have a petticoat and a camisole in the back of my sock drawer, just in case.

  6. I am not sure why they no longer wear hose or slips. I am amazed that you have a purple half slip. I can’t hardly find a normal colored slip much less a purple one. Did you keep the slip or toss it?

  7. I think every teen generation is immune to the cold, Ter. I was just thinking back to my New York childhood and wondering why I went bare-legged to school every day. We had a uniform of jumpers (there’s a word I haven’t heard since then) and white blouses. A coat was all I ever wore over it walking to and from school. No slip; no gloves even! Now I wear long underwear under my sweat pants even in the house!

  8. Terry, I am catching up on reading your columns and had quite a chuckle picturing you standing there with that purple slip around your ankles? As I’ve been told that not too many gals are wearing slips anymore, this leads me to this question: what was the purpose of slips to begin with anyway? Guess I’ll just have to “google it!

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