You Know You’re Old Part Two

And here’s the second half of the story I started earlier, this one ‘given’ to me one day last week as I stood in a room chatting away with seven male teenagers and one grown woman.

“Ready to go?” I said to the seven teens who were departing on an expedition with me, and took a few strides toward the front hallway of the house we were in.

“Wait, what’s THAT?” one teen suddenly said, pointing down toward my boots,  where a cloud of purple silk was seen to be pooling around my ankles.

“It’s my slip!” I yelped, no less surprised to see it than I would be to see a small fire licking its way up my calves. But come to think of it, the elastic at the waistband did seem a little shot when I had put the thing on an hour before.

The one other woman present was, by this time, laughing so hard she couldn’t talk, and that was funny all by itself. But it paled in comparison to what one of the male teens then said: 

“What’s a slip?”

I might as well have been wearing a whalebone corset for the way they looked at me as I tried to explain.

Something has happened in the culture if full slips and half slips have disappeared so thoroughly from the radar of the under-30s ……

Which leads me to ask this question of anyone who might know the answer. Why on EARTH does every young woman under 40 now go bare-legged, even in the depths of winter?!