At Least Someone is Enjoying the Winter

evn ctm dcm in winterAt least someone is enjoying the winter.

Kids seem to like it fine, though I see by this picture that ONE of our own young’uns seems to not THAT bundled up against the cold? (Where is your hat, little David? Are you like your uncle Michael who took the commuter rail to school every single day of his ninth grade year in only a T-shirt?)

But anyway…

The squirrels also seem to be having a fine time, with their tails as curved and compact as croquet wickets.

They say the cardinals are fine with winter too, though I have yet to see a cardinal this whole winter. Do they even stay here, or do they board that southbound bus like Ratso Rizzo with his  newfound pal, the country boy Joe Buck. Remember that movie Midnight Cowboy? Remember Everybody’s Talkin’ at Me, that wistful haunting song that seemed to function as almost another character in the film? Here‘s a lovely montage that shows why that film was s unforgettable…

I dream of that big bus south. Once, we took the train all the way from Boston to Tampa in deep winter and I still remember how it felt to fall asleep glimpsing at the icicle-resembling obelisk of the Washington monument and wake rockingly in Georgia where everything was softer and green even at that season and dogs loping across their yards to sniff what was new in the soil that day.  Ah! How long until I can I go south myself, even for a few days? How long oh Lord?

But you know what? It’s not enough to just give you the link to that montage. Let me insert it right here.