Things That I Miss, Things I Am Glad For

Celtics of the 70sThings I miss: I miss the late 70s. The fashions were so great! Why are men’s shorts now below their ankles and isn’t that a kind of Victorianism all by itself?

Things I am grateful for: Funny pictures and witty cartoonists.

Here’s a picture I once used to characterize the suppertime habits in this house. I called it “I cook. He cleans.”

I cook he cleans

That’s a good funny one. And I like this one a lot too:

don't like the chocolate eh

And god bless the cartoonists, the theological ones being among my favorites. Here’s one:

God and presumption Adam

We still do that, we children of Adam.

And here’s maybe my favorite one of all.

God MakesThe Snake

On dreary winter days, if you want to cheer up, seek out the merry. It’s like Yeats says in “The Fiddler of Dooney,” a great old poem if ever there was one:

When we come at the end of time,
To Peter sitting in state,
He will smile on the three old spirits,
But call me first through the gate.

For the good are always the merry,
Save by an evil chance,
And the merry love the fiddle
And the merry love to dance;

And when the folk there spy me,
They will all come up to me,
With “Here is the fiddler of Dooney!”
And dance like a wave of the sea.

One thought on “Things That I Miss, Things I Am Glad For

  1. And aren’t the old basketball shorts more aerodynamic than those long baggy current ones? It seems if speed is important they should be wearing the old style shorts or even the lycra bottoms that female runners wear now? Niece Grace got hysterical when she spotted an old photo of a friend in those old short gym shorts (he was a jogger) in an old scrapbook.

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