Happy Day After

birds eye view

A nice day here yesterday. The mess alone made a wonderful spectacle. Also, what’s nicer than spending the morning in your pjs on Christmas.

Just for old times sake I wore the bathrobe David gave me for Christmas in long ago ’79 when we first moved to this house – even though it doesn’t wrap QUITE so entirely around me as it did when I weighed 120.

Lots of years gone by, the old Christmas stockings falling apart now, including the little one we hung for the baby that didn’t get past week eight in utero. David insists that little one’s stocking hang front and and center every year, though the two of us may be the only ones who know what it represents.

I’ll put more picture to put up if I get the chance – such happy mayhem – but for now I’ll close with the robe, a Pendleton woolen number. A few moth holes in the girl by now but none in the garment!


Happy Day After to all, and to all a good night.  

4 thoughts on “Happy Day After

  1. You little malink – love the robe and the color, too. I used my Lands End big fluffy robe to keep me warm. At Scott’s we had a nice, nice Christmas too – my ex and his wife (who considers me her soul sister), Scott’s girlfriend, me and the two lovely dogs. Good food with different dishes made by all, simple gifts, lots of laughter and affection. One of those special memories to tuck away for good. I told them about you and your writing and how to look you up on FB and about how I met you for the first time. Thinking about getting a few of Vacationing in the Driveway. When I can order them, I will ask you for autographs by name for the ones I intend to give one to. I know it’s after Christmas but any time is a good time. Love and hugs, Andrea

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