The Ones Who Come Home – for Veterans Day

The Ones Who Come Home (For Veterans Day as the sun is setting) 

The ones who come home live a life like anyone – sometimes.

In our family one uncle lived that normal life, and one didn’t.

grace & jack '43

Uncle Ed at 22

The one who did wrote poems during his two years in the bloody Pacific and maybe that helped. The one who didn’t prayed to a bottle when it hurt too bad and died standing by his fireplace in his mid-50s.

I spent this quiet holiday walking and thinking about the healing qualities of the simple everyday; walking and thinking and  feeling so grateful to have been part of a family event that I will remember all my life, when this man, Troy married this woman, Grace, the child of my sister, the child of my heart.


More about this joyful event soon but for now, thanks all you who served, in wartime and peacetime both. I think of you, the lost, as the sun goes down this November 11th ..

only sleeping

for a Navy man

2 thoughts on “The Ones Who Come Home – for Veterans Day

  1. Wow, Grace and her Scanlon and Grace and her Troy. Thanks for these photos, Terry. Can you send more of the wedding? I’ll send you those of Susie and my wedding on Nov, 8th in Delaware.
    And Uncle Ed, the poet, survived. Is Troy a wounded vet?

    1. He Working on it now and please send me pictures of your wedding and tell me all about it? May I post one or two? How long have you been together?
      Troy was a Marine who served in the first Gulf War. The injury he sustained happened in a fall, after his return. When you get to know him you stop thinking of him as anything but hale and strong. we learn as we go! How did you and Susie meet? I’m forgetting. Twenty years and more you have been together, right?

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