The Leaves Rain Down

by a pond in autumnAround here in fall, the leaves go slowly. Here is how things looked yesterday at the pond I like to walk around.

But in my own yard there is one tree that loses leaves all at once.

You wake to the sound of a gentle patter.

Then you look up and the light is all dappled as they rain down so quickly, and land with a dry little splash on the quickly accumulating leaves below.

I wait every year to witness this amazing event, when, within the space of three hours, every single leaf on the tree in front of our house falls to the ground,

And I am so glad I was home to watch it today.

You watch it too and be amazed by this world we are blessed to inhabit. I am just made dizzy by it every fall. 

4 thoughts on “The Leaves Rain Down

  1. What kind of tree is that? Interesting, as so many of the trees this year are still loaded with many leaves, even after that last wind/rain storm.

  2. How do you manage to catch this, Terry? Does it happen on a particular day, after a frost…or what? Doesn’t seem to happen at night, I guess! Think you have filmed this in the past…quite magical!

    1. Morgan you hear it and then you see the flickering of light on the carpet . It’s always first thing in the morning after a very cold night in early November . I feel sick if I miss it!

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