A Little off the Top?

I’m a baby I guess but hearing that they were going to take down five trees in my yard about broke my heart when I heard about it out on Monday.

I ran away that day; couldn’t bear to be around my old friends knowing that these were there last days. After all, we have been together since 1985.

 Then yesterday I was on the run anyway and wouldn’t let myself think of it.

 Today though, Boston Tree Preservation arrived at 8 AM and got right to work .

 I’ll  have better pictures tomorrow when I have regained my composure, but here’s some video of what is going on in my yard right now. The pruning: that’s the stage they’re at now. The executions themselves are complete. 😦

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2 thoughts on “A Little off the Top?

  1. Not enough information here, Terry. It’s your property. Why is a tree preservation company taking down your trees? Are they diseased and about to fall on your house? If they are healthy, what gives?

  2. I am so sorry – I know just how you feel. They are living, absolutely magnificent huge plants that give us shade and oxygen and beauty. For our various anniversaries, my husband and I used to give each other trees as gifts. Now I drive by our old house to see those trees, and they are big and wonderful, and giving joy to the people who now live there. Hug a tree today, or just take one to lunch (picnic maybe?)

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