Aliens in the Kitchen

sigourney in alienThis is who I’m not:

Here’s why I say that:

A can of oranges  exploded in the back of the kitchen cabinet sometime in the last …can we say year?

Dole’s Mandarins, the kind with the pop-top.

I guess they must have expired or something but ….wasn’t July of 2010 just a minute ago?

It looked like a tiny guy’s skull was oozing out – turned out to be some seriously hydra-headed fungus.

I thought I was in the movie Alien but I don’t know .  I sure didn’t have  Sigourney Weaver’s reaction.

I’d have taken a picture but that’s really hard when you’ve just run screaming from the room.

Good old Dave saved the day as usual. (Men aren’t afraid of anything are they? Or else they’ve been so conditioned  they just have to act that way. Anyway the place is all cleaned up now. Smells a little funny but it’s clean.)

Here I am with the fungus now. I ran so fast I fell, and well, you know how a head wound does bleed. I’m fine really. 🙂

alien head