If a Man Asks for Your Shirt…

brandi takes it offIt doesn’t show poor boundaries that I offered a guy one of my contact lenses, does it?

He came to look at our house to see if there were any way we could air condition such a leaky old ship as this place and arrived a little after our appointment time.

“I’m so sorry I‘m late!” he said. “My contact lens just popped out of my eye on the way over here! I had to pull over and I looked all over the truck but I didn’t find it.”

His eye was watering.

“If you’re like me you can’t see at all,” I said.

“Right!” he said.

“Are yours the extended wear 30-day kind like I have?”

“Yes they are.”

“What magnification?”

“3.75 in that eye,” he said.

“Just a sec,” I said. 

I went to my medicine cabinet, pulled out one of my own 3.75s and gave it to him – and we had a little festival of joy for the poorly visioned then and there.

It isn’t often you can help someone in such a specific way like this. I was glad I could.