Breaking Bad (Hashtag Hashtag) Kinda Glad It’s Over

johnny hart hashtag cartoon

The Breaking Bad craze yikes. Last night I watched the final episode of the final season of that AMC show just like everyone else and saw the internet light up with the universal sign #, which means “this is what I’m referring to.” People were practically out in the streets in their excitement.

The Today Show did some a short tribute to the show at 8:15 this morning, being careful not to give away anything as I will also be careful to do here since no doubt many DVR’d the episode due to pressing football commitments or sock-sorting chores or baby-tending tasks or whatever it is that people do on Sunday nights.

I watched the live post-mortem too and was charmed both by Vince Gilligan’s humble ways and by his intelligence. Aaron Paul, who has played Jesse Pinkman for all these episodes, spoke too and he was okay though I was sorry to see that his personality seemed very much the same as it is in the show. I’m always so sad when this happens, and it happens a lot. I mean can Diane Keaton even MAKE a movie anymore where she’s not either sobbing showily or laughing maniacally?

I have no idea what Jimmy Kimmel was meant to add to the lineup there on that couch but I guess they know what they’re doing, the people who stage these events.

I will miss Gus Fring. Will he never be back in his impeccable suit?  No, alas, he will not.

I will miss Hank Schrader whose real life self I came to know a bit about by listening to ‘Fresh Air’ with Terry Gross. A Harvard kid who studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

I will miss Walter White’s lovely son, and also  Hank’s wife Marie with her purple purse and her purple rugs.

I won’t  miss all the point-blank shooting-of-people-in-the-face that became almost the show’s trademark in this last season. At the very least can’t a person be allowed to finish his sentence before this happens to him?

Well it’s over now and Bryan Cranston is now playing LBJ six miles from here at the American Repertory Theatre.

Since I mentioned talk show host Jimmy Kimmel let me also mention the great Jimmy Fallon as an introduction to this clip: a very funny takeoff on the use of hashtags by the (mostly) young. Jimmy is the funniest man in America, in my estimation and as for Justin, is there ANYTHING he can’t do?

Sit back now and give yourself a smile with this clip about hashtagging from a recent Saturday Night Live.

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