Glad I Came

nan & grace in 78I flew to Florida Friday to go to the house of my sister Nan and be present at my niece Grace’s bridal shower. Here they are some few years ago when Grace was a little on the bald side.

When she first invited me she said she knew I couldn’t come. Fly 1200 miles to see a roomful of ladies cheering in the dismantling of gift wrap? No one expected that of me.

But the minute I heard about it I knew I wanted to be there. I didn’t say so but I knew. ‘Maybe, just maybe, I’ll surprise this godchild of mine.

Then, eight days ago Grace texted me to say a quick hi. “I so wish you were going to be there” is how she ended it.

I couldn’t help myself. “Oh Gracie I am going to be there! ” I texted back. “I booked my flight the second I heard about it and even got a good price! At $237 round trip Boston to Tampa how could I NOT come?”

So much for surprising her. “We’ll surprise Nan,” we decided, but really there was never any surprising Nan, somehow, who has been three steps ahead of me all my life.

But the point wasn’t for ME to be the event anyway. The shower was the event and I’m so glad I came for it. The guests on the bride’s side and the groom’s side seemed to instantly bond and share stories both funny and sad, the way women do when they’re alone together. I am so glad I was there.

And now it’s Sunday morning and I’m packing up for the airport. I stayed at the Tarpon Springs Hampton Inn, not to be in the way, and I rented the car that in 30 minutes will take me to the airport and then back to my own near-and-dears who I texted someplace in there yesterday, suggesting we all go swimming at the local pool one last time when my flight gets in. They went for it but we might all be crazy given the cool front that’s just blowing in up there.

Anyhow all that lies in the future. As for right now which is the only moment we ever really have, I am feeling happy and grateful and stunned by the glory of a brand new day.


4 thoughts on “Glad I Came

  1. I would have expected that you would be there and would have known you would…I would have done the same. So happy for Gracie. Maybe we can have dinner sometime before the wedding. I remember Gracie and that pic of she and Nan. Nice way for me to start my day by reading your blog, so Thank You

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