Off to College

rayvoughn steps 0ct09This boy came to our town as a five-foot tall freshman in high school. He was a scholar in our local chapter of the ABC Program. Such a journey!

Back at the start of his time here I used to bring him over to Harvard for to bone up on his Italian with my nephew Matt. Matt was a freshman there at the time but time passed as time will do.

Matt is now a senior at Harvard – and as of yesterday Rayvoughn was a freshman at the University of New Hampshire where he will study Computer Science.

Even at 14, Ray was good with computers. Shortly after he arrived, he was already the go-to guy at the ABC House for PC issues.

He networked all the computers and set up the wireless printer. And anytime anybody got a new Smart Phone – and we all know the Smart Phones are smarter than we are – Ray had it set and synched it up in a matter of minutes.

I felt lucky. As a volunteer and then the head of the Student Life , I got to see him all the time, starting when he was just over 5 feet tall and stood up at the big Fundraising Dinner and all unbidden said what it meant to him to be part of this wonderful program.

rayvoughn takes the mike.

I remember when he began wrestling and found out he was good at it.

he's all that - Ray wins the gold

That was the same time of year he wrote his History paper on the symbolic import of the Brooklyn Bridge in the years just after the ruinous War Between the States. I still have a video clip I made of him discovering all the material .

But time keeps moving; we all know that. He began working for PC Quick Help and grew almost a foot and graduated from Winchester High School last June, making both his dad and his mom and the host family who sheltered him for four years very proud.

Ray his hosts & his mom 2

both as a 15-year old…


…and as an 18-year-old

And yesterday it was my privilege to bring him to college.

And yesterday it was my privilege to bring him to college. Four trips up those stairs and my car, whcih at 10 am that packed to the gills, by 2:00 was once again empty.


So shine on Rayvoughn Shion Millings! You have a world of support behind you!

9 thoughts on “Off to College

  1. I would love to read the report about the symbolic import of the Brooklyn Bridge after the Civil War. Sounds quite interesting. Congratulations to you, Rayvoughn Millings

    1. sweet Becky. well the BOOKS he read were fascinating – and such enthusiasm he brought to it every ay of that winter vacation when he came home from wrestling practice . good times!

  2. Congrats Ray keep up the good work it was a pleasure meeting you. You are a magnificent young man and will succeed beyond all measures. best of luck to you in your college years

  3. My pub was on the board of the Wellesley ABC program several years back. It is a fabulous program and it is always good to see these incredible stories. thank you for sharing, xo LMA

  4. Hi Terry,
    I read this and I must say, I was blessed to know Rayvoughn. He is a very promising young man and it is great to see how far he has come. Also I want to thank you and all the other generous supporters of the Winchester ABC program. Without all the love and effort, these young boys may not have become the men they are today. My warmest regards to you and the entire ABC family.

    1. we miss you Kemdy! Remember the fun we had when Ronda and I took the then-seniors out to dinner that time and you came? Brandon is now a junior at SUNY Binghamton, Greg did Exeter followed by Bowdoin and Josh is knockin ’em dead as a math major at Northeastern.. What a program huh?
      I alerted Ray to what you wrote and he was so touched and grateful….

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