Getting Ready (if you can ever BE ready)

IMG_2015Three people are moving into our house this weekend, in addition to the three that are already bunking here most nights.

All I can say is it’s a good thing I bought all those extra plates at Macy’s when they head their big sale.

I looked in my cabinet late last night and thought “This looks like the pantry of the Titanic,”  though my meals will run less toward turtle soup and more toward tacos.

The thought of all all that crockery  though: it takes me back to the video I once saw of what the last minutes of the ship Titanic might have looked like if God has stepped in and reversed its ruination. The dishes leaping lightly back onto the shelves is what I remember as the most touching detail of this act of cinematic legerdemain.  Turn up your volume and watch it now …

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