IS This the End of the World?


So IS this the end of the world like that ridiculous funny movie I saw the other day? If it isn’t then why is the magnolia at the corner of our lot trying to blossom again when everyone knows that only happens in late March or early April?  Look at this picture. I mean really!

Also today I had to knock off work early to go to Mahoney’s Garden Center with a picture of my two new hydrangea plants. The more I water them the worse they look. “Is this too MUCH water?” I asked resident plant guru Carrie Kelly. “No,” she said, “in weather like this you have to water them every day. Their problem is they’re so hot that they’re trying to hide,” she said, doing a kind of duck-and-cover move in imitation of the poor suffering plants.

If they are trying to hide I can  identify. Here in my part of the world in the sixth and hottest day of the week I keep thinking of that first paragraph of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mocking bird when she says that by noon of an Alabama summer the talcum-powdered ladies would be melting like the frosting on a plateful teacakes.

By 6:00 last night I’d had three baths in less than 24 hours. (Our shower is not just broken, the whole floor is gone. You can step inside that glass door and look right down on the heads of friends and family enjoying cold drinks in the kitchen below.)

I don’t like to complain  – even though the probable HIVE of microbes living in our sad little air conditioner that hangs its boxy grey fanny out our  bedroom window is making me sick. I mean, I love the warmth – I think.  And look at the color of that magnolia blossom! And who cares if the bag if Tostitos turns instantly into something resembling a bagful of limp puppy ears the second you open them? Tostitos aren’t that great for you anyway.

It’s just that when I imported that picture of the magnolia I came upon THIS picture taken in our same corner six months ago. It just looks so delicious doesn’t it? I get light-headed just looking at it.


4 thoughts on “IS This the End of the World?

  1. You are a hoot! I heard from someone when a new immigrant was first in the USA he was asked what he noticed most. His reply was we talk about the weather all the time. I am guilty too. I use it as a opener to talk to people I don’t know and even as the first subject when I talk to friends. It is wonderfully mild out here in the Woodacre CA boonies.

  2. A very hot day on your porch comes to mind. You with a new little girl on your lap and me squirting water on my little girl who was sitting on the floor. And good ole Dave preparing to paint the porch. xo

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