One last backgrounder

100_2037Here’s one last person stuck in the background, to round out my week’s reportage.

It’s this guy captured in a picture by a kindergartner with an i-phone.

The child and I had just been to the dump where he scored this very attractive gold plastic moon and stars on the Swap Table. We left in exchange a set of porch-sofa cushions and a lamp, both so attractive to our fellow dump visitors that we didn’t even get to set them down; out they went to their cars to everyone’s great satisfaction.

But back to this guy: This guy is the family member who normally shuns photo sessions, the guy who, for work, fights fires and practices first response medicine and for fun executes a zillion upside-down pushups while standing on his hands.

And also reads. When he’s not explaining to two little boys how Wall Street works and why the sky is blue he is reading reading reading. He’s a little like Madame Defarge in A Tale of Two Cities knitting everything up between her needles.  One day when all the libraries have been turned into drive-throughs and the Internet pops and goes dark John will recreate civilization anew by explaining everything to everyone all over again.

Right now he’s really in the background: he left Sunday at noontime to hike alone in the mountains.

Carrying all his food and water, natch.

And his tent.

And perhaps some BandAids I don’t know.

He advised us that we wouldn’t hear from him until we saw him.

He’s due to reappear tomorrow before dark.

I sure hope he does. We have more questions about the sky. And what if we get another splinter?

easy hair john and david

you can get a splinter

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Nobody Puts Baby in A Corner

Nobody Puts Baby in A Corner: Yup you got it: that’s the funniest line in all of Dirty Dancing and  it’s also what I have done twice this week: I put a number of key people in a corner by not showing them in this cavalcade of pictures, and they’re people that NO ONE should put in a corner.

Who are they? The moms of all these babies and kids you have seen.

First comes Curlyhead’s momma, Dodson’s wife Veronica. I know huh? Two pictures of Dodson with their baby and none of her. What’s THAT?  So here’s Veronica now:

joanie w dodpn veronica

Next we have mother Number One of our three grandchildren, Chris , recognizable by her baseball cap and the fact that you can’t get her to stand still long enough to pose. Here she is treating little David’s foot.


Third we have Carrie, Mother Number Two of those same three grandkids (Figure it out people.)

carrie & her FIRST baby

And finally Suzanne the mom of one of the little baldies, who can repeat anything anyone says with perfect enunciation in this hilariously tiny high voice.


So there they are, the four moms workin’ quietly behind the scenes.

Now as a reward for wading through these family photos, the big last scene from Dirty Dancing,  right after Patrick Swayze weighs in about where “baby” really should be: on the stage (where else?)