We Were All Together

We were all together over the Fourth and the little kids took pictures.

always there is dressing and undressing
always there is dressing and undressing

These are some of them, showing how the babies schmoozed and the grownups talked and Bambi drank from a cup, smart little Bambi!




We held all the babies

photo (1)

and played all the fun games like Pictionary – ’til 2 in the morning some of us.

 Our son came back just for the weekend and that was so nice, seeing him and Marie too. It pierced all our hearts to have him leave again for the distant south.


We ate Annie’s famous fried chicken AND her special tacos AND we made our own pizza with Annie’s homemade dough. We had her brownies too!

This child, our rising Fourth Grader, just chilled on the deck with a borrowed i-pad. Something about his pose kind of says it all. It’s really summer now!