Notes from the Vacation Front

Maybe IMG_1971it wouldn’t really BE a holiday weekend without a trip to the ER. Not one but two splinters worked their way into one little foot yesterday. They were from a dock that more or less lies in wait for people, its splinter-giving intent lurking darkly under all that summer sunshine, like a troll under a bridge.

We tried getting the thing out ourselves but it hurt the child too much so the long wait at the ER it was.

I didn’t get to go on this trip but I heard about it: the guy who dropped a very heavy weight on his foot. The one who came in because his eyes were bothering him. The third one who arrived
with such a bloody hand he was sure to need stitches.

Our little victim did not need stitches and that seems a miracle to me, since it turned out he didn’t have one splinter but two, one under the other, even deeper in the flesh. The ER doc had to dig a trench, use a retractor, the whole bit. Luckily though, his scalpel was sharp enough and the slice he made fine enough that the surgical site will knit up fine all on its own

The child just can’t swim for two days or get the foot wet at all which will be hard with all this water all around and the heat wave still churning away…Maybe I can get him to sing “Frère Jacques” for me again like he did that other time – until his baby sister staggered by and brought down the camera. Never a dull moment on vacation with the kiddies!

3 thoughts on “Notes from the Vacation Front

  1. The You Tube of your grandson singing doesn’t come up. Is there a mistake in the site as shown?

  2. I used to wait until my boys were asleep and then go after the splinters with a needle and a flashlight. They slept right through. Not sure they would have if the splinters had looked like those two planks, however!

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